our favorite instagramers

‹instagram is our favorite social media.  we like the simplicity and creativity of it- there are so many things to post and to look at!

we have decided to share some of our favorite accounts.

for fashion, follow: the free-spirtied and spunky, zoe (@zooooooe). the classy and beautiful, chiara ferragni (@chiaraferragni).

for photography, follow: california teenager, max hanuschak (@maaxx.x). stylish teen, ron radon (@ronathann). simply beautiful pictures (@sejkko). urban photographer (@nunoassis).

for lifestyle, follow: blogger naomi davis (@taza) and her husband, josh (@tiesandfries). australian model, steph smith (@stephclairesmith).

for workout inspiration, follow: yogi rachel brathen (@yoga_girl). health advocate, kristina (@fullyrawkristina).

just for fun, follow: humans of new york (@humansofny). and, of course, distinctive style bloggers jane (@jane_kolar) and laura (@laurameschini)›

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