before the formal

‹as fun as formal events and dances are, they can be a lot of work to prepare for. to help with your preparations, here are our best tips for looking your best and being ready for the big night.

a week before:


find the perfect eye catching accessory to compliment your outfit. for unique, bold jewelry try or for a matching clutch or cross-body try or

phone storage

make sure your phone or camera of choice has plenty of storage for documenting the evening and capturing all the candids.


the playlist for the night will set the mood, so make sure your playlist is everything you hope the night to be. follow us on spotify @janeandlaura for playlists that we love that can set the mood anywhere from party to social to chill.

be ready

in your car or purse make sure to have any emergency necessities. we like to have bobby pins, safety pins, blister bandaids, mint gum, deodorant, phone chargers and extra cash on hand just in case.

a day or two before:

steam dress

to assure a wrinkle free outfit for the night, consider steaming it. an alternative to a steamer is to hang the outfit in bathroom while you take a hot, steamy shower and the results will be just as smooth.


a great trick to make your nails look professionally done is to use aveda cuticle oil.

makeup free

go natural! by not wearing makeup for a few days, you allow your pores to self-clean resulting in fewer blemishes for the big night by not clogging them with heavy foundation.

hair care

hydrate you hair. try an easy at home treatment specific for your hair type via womens day.


it is important to shave a few days prior to the event to allow time for dry skin or rashes to heal. we recommend eos brand shaving cream for best results.

the day of:

lip scrub

a lip scrub can leave your lips looking full, healthy, and luscious, which is especially important in the dry winter air. our favorite lip scrubs are from or a homemade version consisting of vaseline for lips or lots of chap stick and sugar followed by rubbing your lips together for thirty seconds and rinsing with a warm washcloth.

lotion up

the easiest way to improve overall appearance is to avoid dry skin. by applying a natural lotion like aveeno, cetaphil, or vaseline to your face and body, you can feel confident all night long in glowing, healthy looking skin.


and sweat. sweat and heat will release toxins, reduce stress, and improve overall skin appearance. if not obvious, take a hot shower after with a energizing body wash like this one from ulta.

don’t forget to smile, take lots of photos, and enjoy yourself because you are well prepared to have a great night!›

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