no one actually likes chocolates and roses

valentines day is just is just around corner and we want to help you spread the love differently than you have every other year.

date night:

vertical endeavors (or other indoor rock-climbing near you)

the ultimate test of trust and support or just for fun!

backwards dinner

start with dessert, then the main course, and work your way up to appetizers because sometimes the best isn’t always for last

bryant lake bowling

a laid back, uptown located, old fashioned bowling experience that won’t break the bank and will guarantee a good time

gift giver:

sweet tooth

oreo cake pops: put one package of oreos in a food processor and mix in a bowl with one 8oz. package of cream cheese; let sit and cover in preferred chocolate or candy melts

get creative

try the interactive fill in book, me, you, us. available at barnes and noble

for the friend

a birchbox subscription for the makeup artist, a fish eye iphone camera lens for the photographer, or instead of flowers try another decorative plant like this one that will last much longer than a dozen roses and is easy to keep alive

complete the look:

the dress

try this adorable pink dress or this hot red one both from nordstrom rack


rock this essie nail polish because their’s no rule saying you have to wear pink or red


with this delicate, pink necklace from baubblebar


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