noteworthy blogs

tonight we have decided to give you a little list of some other blogs we love, in case you are looking for some more to add to your list.

1. love tazashe is without a doubt our favorite blogger.  not only does she live in new york city with her adorable kids, but her style will inspire you! her posts are well written and will give you a new perspective on urban lifestyles.

2. design love fest– this blog will leave you wanting to add some more color into your life. we love bri’s unique style and her capability to write. the pictures are always phenomenal!

3. belles in bows– college student bess will make you want to stash your clothes and start all over.  her preppy style is realistic, simple, and just beautiful.

4. classy girls wear pearls– sarah’s style is like no other.  following along with her outfits, super cute fiancé, and their adventures together will excite you.

5. the londoner– this british blogger, rosie, has impeccable style. also, she is extremely funny and beautiful.  her posts will give you idea, as well as make you laugh.

6. mrs. lilien– don’t be fooled, her short posts are nothing near ordinary! the colors and layout of this blog will certainly entertain you.

7. baby boy bakery– this blog is one that we have recently started to follow. jacqui’s journey is very unique and inspiring.  upon losing her young son, she shares her story of grief and acceptance. side note: her style and amazing photography are a big plus too.

8. design for mankind– erin maintains a very well rounded blog that we love to follow! her simple layout is an inspiration in itself. also, her posts contain the perfect balance of style and personal experiences.

finally, we would like to extend our gratitude for your viewing of our blog as we reach our third month of blogging successfully!

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