“why do you have a blog?”

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we’ve been asked this question by our friends, families, and teachers many times- today we’ll explain our answer.

why we started blogging: we have always been interested in fashion, actually we bonded over online shopping during class one day and have been friends ever since! from there we shared a love of reading some bigger fashion blogs, until we realized that there were few bloggers that related to our lifestyles and age- so we made our own back in january.

what we’ve learned from blogging: we have both really enjoyed writing for a different audience outside of the academic setting and on more creative topics. also, it has been really rewarding to have people we don’t know well share that they read and like our blog!

what we want for our blog in the future: it’s been really fun to have the challenge of keeping an organized and current blog. in the future, we hope that our blog continues to grow in both followers and quality of our shared material.

thank you! we’d now like to take a second to quickly say thank you to all our followers and others who take the time to read (and hopefully enjoy!) our posts. feel free to contact us with anything questions/comments etc.

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