more blogs!

as much as we love having our own blog, we enjoy finding and exploring other blogs just as much. the followers bloggers are inspirational, creative, and talented and we hope you will enjoy them as much as we do.

emma and india – are two fun, free spirited, young west coast girls who enjoy tumblr, photography, coffee shops, all things vegan, and good friendships. they blog about their life, colabs, and you’ll feel inspired by their open, happy, glass half full outlook on life.

greta lausch – is a local, minnesota college student who takes amazing pictures in even greater outfits. but most all, her posts focus on her faith, natural beauty, and her and her friend’s favorite things to do.

rosie – is, of course, an adorable, lodon based bloggers who likes fashion, travel, and food and can usually incorporates all three into her posts. she takes many, many pictures – but this why we love her. her pictures are numerous but stunning.

olivia – is the best photographer we have ever come across. enough said. but seriously, you must go look through her pictures; they capture moments, emotion, and fun.

and remember to keep checking on us… we have some really projects that we are working on right now; something totally new and different and coming soon!


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