treat yoself !

…everyone deserves a little treat every once in a while so, spend some money on something to brighten you day!

here are our recommendations:

spotify premium- start with the free trial, you will never want to go back to the version with ads. spotify premium is great because you can download playlists offline and listen to them anywhere, without interruption.

madewell jewelry- we love madewell’s simple gold earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets.  they are so easy to pair with everyday outfits and will stay in great condition.

artifact uprising prints- print your photography through artifact uprising! they use thick, recycled paper that you can easily display. use their app that is directly linked to vsco for easy downloading!

the birchbox- the greatest gift we have ever received!! who doesn’t love monthly care packages of product samples? try it for a few months because happy mail is the best.

642 things to write about- fuel your creative side with this big book of writing prompts and ideas! if you enjoy writing and want some extra inspiration, we highly recommend this book.

sometimes it’s just the little things, ya know?

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