misterwives and a word on gender equality

a few weeks ago i (laura) got to see the misterwives preform live at our favorite concert venue, first avenue! they were amazing.  i can’t even begin to describe how beautiful mandy lee’s voice is and how much fun they were having on stage.  i have always liked their music but seeing them live was so incredible as they are all so talented.

my favorite part was definitely when mandy (the main singer) spoke on gender equality.  during the concert she did push ups to challenge stereotypes and then preformed the song “not your way.” this song expresses the disapproval with certain expectations that society has for young women.  the lines “Over being told to be undressed to look our best, Everywhere my eyes go, our figure is less,” and, “This is my own life, own life, Not growing up to be a trophy wife, So don’t parade us ’round. . . In your twisted world and I’m saying no” specifically indicate instances in which the appearances of women are flaunted and stressed as overly important in society. mandy lee has also said, in an interview at lalapalooza, that has felt that it is hard to be a woman in the music industry.  she stated, “If you’re a female it’s, ‘Oh, but you got to show more skin. Let’s talk about your hair.’ Look, I just want to write music and play with my band. That’s all I’m here for” (full article here).

i guess i never really realized how much more attention the appearances of female artists receive in comparison to male artists.  even as fans of fashion, it makes us sad to hear of the pressure that mandy lee and other female musicians feel, in regards to their appearances, in the music industry.  what really matters, to them, is  music.

to conclude this post, here are some pictures from the concert:




another great night at first avenue. thank you, misterwives, for the music and the inspiration !

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