out with the old, in with the new

welcome, 2016!! every year brings new memories, events, experiences, people, and trends!!! today, we are comparing last year’s trends to the ones we think that you’ll see this year.

that’s so 2015: 

converse– everyone. everywhere. although they are a classic (and we love them), they’ve become so basic.

walk the moon- ok we’ll admit, we will be forever fans, but how about something new?

chai tea lattes- yum. but so expensive and there are better things to spend five dollars on.

side parts- for many years the side part has been the most common way to part hair, this will change in 2016.

triangl swimsuits– they are so expensive and just so not worth it, to me.

polaroidsbreaking the bank for a blurry, dark pic.

iphone cases- how much money did you spend on a super cute case, just to hate it a few weeks later? let’s go caseless this year.

new year, new us: 

adidas or new balance vintage- comfy and unique. you’ll stand out amongst the white converse everywhere. here or here.

børns- dophamine is probably the best, most underrated album of all time. every single song is amazing.

black or green tea lattes- add vanilla or just stare at the beautiful green color.

middle parts- way cooler.

the long bob– everyone will be cutting their hair, thank god long hair is going out of style- it is so much work!

disposable cameras– yes, let’s bring them back. grab one for the day and if anything happens to it, you only spent five dollars… not two hundred.

halter top swimsuits– the very stylish swimsuit alternative that is worth the awkward tan line.

burn a cd- circa 2005, but still the ultimate gift.

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