sunday procrastination

we are not feeling like doing homework, cleaning our rooms, organizing our closets, or preparing for the week to come on this lazy sunday morning…watching movies, online shopping, and naps are way too tempting.

if you’re feeling similar, check out the links below for some entertaining articles, videos, etc:

what happened when i forced myself to wake up at 5am for a week (via brit + co)

eleven easy hairstyles to wear while traveling (via brit + co)

i made lipstick out of bubblegum and this is what happened (via brit + c0)

nineteen products that’ll let you nap like you’re in kindergarten  (via buzzfeed- these would come in clutch during boring classes and slow work days.)

twenty-nine awesome things you didn’t know you could subscribe to (via buzzfeed- who doesn’t love fun mail days?!)

mean tweets- [oscar] movie edition (jimmy kimmel live via youtube- very appropriate given that the oscars are tonight!)

twenty-one thinks you’ll relate to if your parents only let you watch pbs growing up (via buzzfeed)

santaland diaries: david sedaris (via youtube- this is probably the funniest christmas related podcast, you’ll laugh so hard)

this lady turned 110 and she has had enough (via youtube- this lady is an absolute riot)

happy sunday !

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