redo the room

we always love to change up our rooms and with college on the way, we cannot help but anticipate decorating our new space! that being said, here are some ideas that we found, mostly thanks to pinterest (don’t forget to follow us their too: jane & laura).

t0 the preferrer of pink, if it’s important for you to have the prettiest room in the house, you are going to need to have some color! try framing or hanging cool wrapping paper (like the birch and goldberry wrapping paper below).  also try to make some tassel garlands and jewerly plates (don’t worry, there are diy kits) for some finishing touches.

links: wrapping paper, jewelry plates, tassel garland

to the crazed music fan, what would look cooler than hanging or framing old indie music posters? you could even get a ton of different frames and decorate or paint them. we like posters because they are inexpensive and you can find one for almost any band.


links:  band stickers (1),  lumineers poster (2), xx stickers (3), the bon iver poster (4) (there are more on this site than just that one).

to the plant lover, if you like a simple room that makes your awesome plants pop, try marbled wall paper, calligraphy wall art kit, gold boxes, and of course, succulent planters.

links: calligraphy wall art, marble wall paper, mini copper planters,  pyramid mirror box


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