to the pioneer of “the minneapolis sound”

as many (or even all) of you know, thursday minneapolis’ very own prince passed away.  his death is being morned all over the world as people try to find a way to say goodbye to such an iconic musician. the death of prince really hits home with me (laura) as i feel a connection with him due to our love for minneapolis. prince made my favorite concert venue (first avenue) great and he never forgot where he came from.  although i was never the biggest fan of his music, i have nothing but respect for such a talented, hardworking person who never lost touch with his roots.

minneapolis, and all those who are lucky enough to call this awesome city our home, love you, prince. rest in peace. everyone, please turn on the current (89.3) to check the end of the 26 hour prince marathon.

you’ll recognize this wall as we have taken pictures there (photo by robert jasonweinberger)
people placing flowers in front of first ave (photo by bringmethenews)


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