musings on the night before my birthday

tomorrow is my (laura) birthday-  yay! i always love to look back at old pictures and writings to summarize my year. it was a great year for me full of memories, laughter, music, travel, and some hardships too. i went to three concerts (the griswolds, cultivate, and misterwives). i traveled to chicago, philadelphia, cabins up north, california, chile, argentina, boston, and new york. i spent my time being outside, writing, studying, biking, adventuring with friends, taking pictures, enjoying the people around me, and learning about myself.  this year challenged me in every way possible but i would not have changed anything if i could.  as i conclude yet another year of my life and welcome a new one, i cannot help but think of the people who have gotten me this far. thank you to my parents who taught me how to not take life so seriously, my siblings who taught me how to be myself, my friends that brought so much light to my life, and every person who inspired me.

“accept what is, let go of what was, and have faith in what will be” welcome, 17 !



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