summer thoughts

it’s that time of year again where all we can think about while sitting in class is the beautiful weather and the adventures we have in store for these next few months. we are excitedly anticipating summer and have numerous fun plans in the works.

this summer we challenge you to join us in:

going to concerts!

getting more sleep

daily journaling

finding a good book

spending time outside everyday

wearing less makeup

working a job you love

but before we get to enjoy the sun, we have a few weeks left of spring. but, as spring comes to an end, it’s fun to reflect on what we’ve been up to recently. as you may have read here , laura turned 17! happy (late) birthday laura, don’t let 17 be any less amazing than 16 and keep being you! also, we both got to get dressed up a few different times for various occasions and found these shoes and these shoes perfect additions to our spring closets.

we hope to have another summer playlist post out soon but for now enjoy laura’s “non-bummer summer” jams here.

lastly, we are excited to announce our special commitment to this corner of the web for the summer and that we will be doing daily [weekday] posts on everything from what we wore to what did each day. we hope you continue to follow along!


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