thoughts inspired by new frienships

i, jane, am back from camp! and here to share the great experiences and lessons i learned about myself and friendship in the last week.

first: the depth of a friendship isn’t measured by time. in just seven days, i experienced friendships with people, who i hadn’t previously known, deeper than friendships that have been developing for years.

second: how is that possible? be yourself. let everything go and be you. don’t worry about other’s judgements and give them your true self. confidence is key. also know that you might not connect with everyone, but everyone will respect you for trying.

third: forgive yourself. being your true self can sometimes create space for conflicting personalities and mistakes. however, the beauty of these “mistakes” is that they actually aren’t even mistakes, but rather opportunities for second chances and to take new perspectives on others.

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 5.13.18 PM.png

stay tuned for more on my trip. but for now, happy friday and see you next week !!

jane (+ laura)

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