pokemon NO

wow! while i, laura, was out of town (mission trip in south dakota, more to come later!) apparently a game called “pokemon go” went viral.  i came home to find everyone walking around the lake with their heads down and eyes glued to their phones. this made me so so sad to see, especially because i was in “i love you and missed you, minneapolis” mode. can we all please just stay away from this  game and actually enjoy the outdoors?!  i don’t know, is it too crazy to go outside and just be? also, earlier today i went for a bike ride and there were so many annoying people pulled off to the side of the trail, playing this game! agh this makes me so upset. i just wish, sometimes, that all the phones could disappear, i truly believe that everyone would have a better time and live more in the moment.

sorry for my rant! if i haven’t convinced you to not play, here are some articles 😉

florida teens, mistaken for thieves, shot at playing pokemon go

crowd stampedes in central park after rare pokemon sighting 

robbers use gps coordinates to steal players’ phones

is this a joke… man quits job to play pokemon go full-time

come on people, we can do better than this!



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