fall trends

fall is here! pumpkins, halloween, sweaters… it’s all here! so, to celebrate this beautiful season, we have gathered all the trends we’ve noticed.


leotards: such a love-hate relationship with these. so nice to have a permanently tucked in shirt, but if you don’t find the right one, they can be pretty uncomfortable. good one here .

chokers: 90s attire is back! chokers are the rage. maybe try a local (mpls) jeweler here to find a unique and handcrafted one.


presidential debates: get out and vote if you can; every vote counts!

atlanta: such a unique plot line following the lives of up-and-coming rap artists and their everyday life. watch full episodes here.


avocados on more than just toast: recently stumbled across this on my instagram feed and will definitely have to give it a try.

pumpkin bread: of course. a fall necessity. fall goal: to make all of these.


feminism: jane’s odyssey on feminism here.

fascinating find on cnn.com today: a 5minute read that leave your brain thinking for hours. here.

cozy up by the fire and watch the leaves change! until next time.

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