introducing pab’s packs!

we are so excited to share this collaboration post with some super cool women that started the amazing non-profit that is pab’s packs!



pab’s packs provides comfort and encouragement to chronically ill teens by donating custom backpacks filled with items to make their hospital stays easier.


“pab” is for pia and abbie. abbie was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2013 at the age of 13. shortly after in 2015, at the age of 14, pia was diagnosed with stage 2A hodgkin’s lymphoma.  they have been lifelong friends, and after receiving their diagnosis, they were each other’s first visitors in the hospital! their friendship only grew through their mutual understanding of what it was like being in a hospital feeling sick and scared. after noticing a gap in resources and activities for teens suffering from chronic illnesses in the hospital, they started pab’s packs in 2014. pab’s was founded with the principal idea to help teens who are going through long days in the hospital as well.

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each backpack is hand-packed with love. the backpacks are custom-designed and include a super-soft fleece blanket, a stuffed animal penguin, and a notebook for journaling, keeping track of questions, or doodling! inside the backpack is a small bag that includes a stress-ball in the shape of a heart and a pre-stamped postcard for each recipient to write to tell pab’s how he or she likes their pack.

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our friend maria, a recipient of a pack, got us in contact with pab’s packs as she is now an ambassador! we have loved getting to work with her. pab’s packs has super cute backpacks, water bottles, and more to purchase on their website.

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and, the mall of america (in minnesota) recently opened a shop called “debut: shop for kindness,” featuring 13 non-profits and pab’s is one of them! it is located in the new north wing of the mall and will be open for the next few months.

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thank you, pia, abbie, and maria! keep up the good work.

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