healthy habits – college edition

moving onto a college campus has been a big adjustment for both of us. i, jane, have been trying to focus especially on staying healthy in food choices and being active.

some of my favorite healthy and dorm friendly meals and snacks are below.

smoothies in our ninja blender- 

ice cubes, handful of spinach, frozen berries, one banana, almond milk, and a splash of orange juice

almond milk, granola, and honey cereal 

microwave oatmeal with banana and peanut butter toppings

carrots, pretzels, and hummus 

avocado toast

lots of fruit whenever it is available

and take advantage of the school dining hall salad bar

most importantly, always set goals. the most recent goal my friends and i have set for ourselves is to run the philadelphia half marathon in november. this gets us out of bed, running, and working out every day.

best of luck to all the new college students out there !!

stay tuned for more.


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