dorm room decor

i, laura, am on week #2 of college and am loving it! i am constantly amazed by the beauty of the state of new york and already made it to the city (more on this soon!).  my dorm room is such a cozy place to relax after class and unwined after studying.

my duvet cover is from urban (here), the throw blanket is from amazon (here), my throw pillows are from ikea (similar here), my sheets are from target (similar here), and the lights are from ikea (here).
i got the mn pendant flag as a gift from i like you. i also got the wooden mpls sign there- it’s the cutest store! the new york poster is from a book of posters i used to decorate my room at home called the indie rock poster book.
the prints are from artifact uprising. unlike my room at home, i got the smaller size (3.25 x 3.25) and chose pictures not necessarily of my friends and i, but some of my best travel photos and random favorites for some instant inspiration! the minnesota painting was done by a local artist named rose anderson (insta here)– she is amazing! then i have a festive donkey piñata from urban (here) and a sticker from the unsent project— check this out if you didn’t know about it already, i am obsessed!

happy tuesday!

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