weekend adventures

the temperatures in philly this weekend reached the upper 70’s. this obviously called for numerous walks and excursions to soak up the last taste of summer before winter weather. keeley and i, jane, started our weekend with a saturday morning walk to coffee and pastries at la columbe and sweet freedom. sweet freedom is known for their vegan treats being gluten free, dairy free, soy free, refined sugar free, and egg free. we enjoyed a samoa cupcake, magic bar, and apple crumble bar.

we then traveled to the upenn’s athletic facilities for a lacrosse game. the skyline views were gorgeous.

on both friday evening and sunday morning, we attended incline running classes that left us sore yet satisfied with our high intensity workout.

sunday included a trip to target and a stop at honeygrow for lunch. honey grow is a philly founded, make-your-own stir fry or salad bar. sunday afternoon involved organizing closets and enjoying our leftover magic bar.

since vowing to eat healthy snacks, especially while we train for our half marathon, we have been loving options such as: popcorners chips, made good granola, and justin’s natural peanut butter with bananas, apples, or gluten free pretzels.

here’s to another busy week ahead. stay tuned! xo

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