today, we are partnering with the amazing thredUP. thredUP is the largest online consignment and thrift store. they make it super easy to sell or donate old clothes in exchange for some gently used or new outfits. one of the very best feelings is seeing your clothes get new love and giving new love to someone else’s lucky pair of jeans or favorite sweater.

thrifting is a great option for so many reasons:

  1. it’s wallet friendly- thrifting allows for nice, brand name clothes to be sold for a small fraction of the original retail price… and who doesn’t love that ?!
  2. it’s environmentally friendly- the production of clothes involves usage of energy, petroleum, and it’s byproducts include toxic gases and chemicals. also, most clothes are made far from their retail locations, resulting in more valuable resources being used for the long transportation process.
  3. it supports the community- many thrift stores donate to charity. goodwill and the salvation army are great examples of organizations that hire disabled employees and donate clothes and other items to less privileged areas of our communities. thredUp makes an effort to donate any clothes that don’t sell to charity.
  4. it’s unique- certain clothing gems can only be found in thrift stores. and you’re guaranteed to find something no one else can when you by from secondhand or thrift stores.

thredUp was generous enough to let me, jane, find a few cool pieces to rock around town. i picked out white sunglasses, a striped dress from zara, and two neutral tops perfect for layering in fall.

shop a similar look with these links:

sunglasses here

active tops here

women’s tops here 

women’s dresses here

calvin klein brand here

zara brand here (so much Zara stuff- this is always my go-to section of thredUp !!)

express brand here

ALSO !! the first 50 people to use the code JANEANDLAURA at checkout will get 50% off their purchase.

happy shopping and donating !! #secondhandfirst

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