part two: buenos aires, argentina

i am so excited to share photos from my recent trip to argentina! since there’s so many pictures, i was there for a week, i am going to break it down by city.

for those of you that have never been to argentina, buenos aires is the capital and most modern city in the country.  while i am quite familiar with argentina, buenos aires always surprises me.  it’s so big, so modern, and so so cool. some of it reminds me of europe and new york, while other parts are very traditional and authentic to argentina. we visited many of the neighborhoods in buenos aires including la boca, puerto madero, palermo hollywood, palermo soho, recoleta, chacarita, and san nicolas– here is a really good guide on every neighborhood of BA, complete with to dos, to stays, and to eats. palermo soho was by far my favorite as it has many cool shops, cafés, bars, and street art! most of the following pictures were taken there.

i’m definitely under-qualified to give a history lesson so i’ll jump to the stuff i know best:

of course i found primo looking at adidas!

found the cutest jackie smith store!

totally blanked on getting the name of this coffee shop, but i loved it here
we stayed at hotel madero— it was super cool! definitely would recommend it. 

this is the coolest nike store ever!
i loved seeing the smaller/local shops keep up with the larger, highly decorated chain stores! they definitely held their own pretty well.
forever 21 skirt (similar here), vintage leather bag (similar here), long sleeve t-shirt here, and dsw shoes (similar here)

“amo buenos aires” // “i love buenos aires”
asos sunglasses (similar here) and flea market earrings (similar here)
my whole family made fun of me for taking a picture of a wall– i’m not crazy, i just liked the color contrast, ok?!

it would be considered sacrilegious to visit buenos aires without going to my dad’s favorite restaurant la brigada. it also wouldn’t be buenos aires without some soccer reference. soccer will forever be my favorite sport and the argentine men’s national team will always be my favorite team!  

more to come on mendoza and chile! stay tuned.

1 thought on “part two: buenos aires, argentina”

  1. Thanks Laura. Great pictures of Buenos Aires. You would make a great travel agent. Love you , Grandma


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