clean the camera roll

it’s been a while since we have posted one of these! things have been so crazy lately that i, laura, think this is the best way to show you what i have been up to! with school wrapping up and my school’s fashion show in about 20 days, i definitely have a lot on my plate… but it’s all been so fun!

this is from a video promo shoot for my school’s fashion show called silver needle runway. i’m on the creative team and have had a lot of fun this semester creating for the show.
i enjoyed a quick trip to naples, florida over spring break- it was so much fun!
i also made it back home to minneapolis for easter weekend! it’s truly the best place to come home to. for those of you that live in minneapolis, you must go to the lynhall! it’s my new obsession.
currently dying for another day on the beach with my friends
spent more rainy days in the city!
had so much fun at oscar de la renta last month! i assisted with the fall photoshoot.
traveling back to school isn’t so bad when it’s warm out!
another picture from the video promo shoot. check out the first promo video here, if you’re curious!
obsessed over this purse at oscar de la renta. how cool, right?!
i’ve loved every spring day that has come to the northeast so far! hoping the nice weather comes and stays finally soon.
one of my favorite looks from the oscar photoshoot!

jane and i are much more active on our instagram accounts, (follow me here and jane here) if you wish to keep up with us more!

happy thursday, everyone!

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