elevate your style!

today i want to share 5 quick ways to boost your look! i keep feeling bored of the clothes that i currently own, so i have been challenging myself to look at my clothes differently through accessorizing and styling. since i’ve started studying fashion, i am always trying to take my outfits one step further! it’s a fun challenge. here are a few ways to make your looks picture worthy:

find a unique version of a staple garment. for example, instead of wearing a regular jean skirt, wear a less popular style! it’s still just as easy to wear as a regular jean skirt, but it’s different and sets you apart. this makes your outfit unique and eye catching!

find this skirt here

accessorize! an outfit is not complete without the right shoes, purse, jewelry, belt, etc. have fun with the accessorizing. for example, use a bandana or scarf to tie loosely around your neck for a sophisticated look or use it as a belt for a bohemian vibe.

Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 9.46.40 AM

always search for “signature pieces.” you want people to remember what you wear! i am always on the lookout for signature pieces, meaning specific items of clothing that you feel are the most “you.” find something memorable, bold, maybe even bright or a style you normally wouldn’t wear and make it yours! this season i found this really cool halter top from zara that i plan to wear frequently in the warmer months. i am super into pink and red color combos as of late and loved the top because of that.


wear unique makeup. i’m not a huge full face make up wearer, but i love to throw in some light make up that brightens up my face and makes me look put together and awake. glossier recently launched lidstar, which is a liquid eyeshadow that comes in a bunch of fun colors. it’s really shimmery and pretty!  my eyes look lighter and highlighted when i wear lidstar. instead of using thick make up, try wearing a little bit that is light, but still bold. i get questions all the time about my eyeshadow when i wear lidstar- it’s just so fun and unique!

Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 9.57.58 AM.png
get it here!

go crazy with your shoes! i lovveee a statement shoe. i think shoes give you the opportunity to take a controlled risk as, unless you did a horrible job matching them to your outfit, you can’t really be too off. it’s totally acceptable to wear shoes that are unexpected with your outfit or to introduce a fun shoe color when your outfit is a little dull. shoes are the best way to tie a look all together! even if you want to wear sneakers, find ones that are unique and less popular to elevate your style.



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