summer linen

hello! excuse our july hiatus! it was great to take most of july off the blog to relax, work, travel, and in jane’s case, feel better from a recent surgery. we are having a great summer and can’t wait to share all about it! make sure to follow us on instagram @laurameschini and @jane.kolar for day to day updates.

i, laura, wanted to share a fun summer outfit today! i think linen is super cool. it’s light, easy, and sooo summery! i recently got a white linen wrap top (from urban outfitters, sold out now sadly) that has been a game changer in my closet!


i also just got a new levi’s skirt (here) i’m obsessed with! it was originally $98 and i got it for $20 – it was amazing! my shoes are from asos (here) and are currently also on sale!



people always ask me what my secret is to finding sales and clothing at discounted prices, and i always say it’s patience and some luck. i almost never buy things at full price, which is incredibly important to me considering the mass amount of clothes i have and want. even levi’s has great sales and student discounts, you just have to wait for it and keep your eyes peeled, things randomly go on sale all the time.



i also like to use shoptagr, a retail program that allows you to save styles from any website and sends you an email when it’s on sale or back in stock! it’s a great tool if you prefer to shop online like me. it also helps to get to know the tendencies of your favorite stores. for example, i have realized that 90% of the things at urban outfitters end up in the sale section so even if i see something i’m in love with, i force myself to wait and get it later! it’s not the most fun, but it has saved me lots of money!


we have lots more coming for you this month on the blog! stay tuned for more summer fun. happy august!


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