new york fashion week

i, laura, was lucky enough to score an internship at the production company IMG for new york fashion week! the whole experience felt like a dream. there were so many times that i couldn’t believe i got to be there!

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runway shows have such a different vibe than all other events in the fashion industry. there’s so much excitement around the event between the guests, the production team, and the designer. it’s a chaotic frenzy of camera flashes, quick video interviews, rushing seating ushers, guests rolling in with extravagant outfits, finishing touches by production teams, and the press documenting everything.

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you can feel the nervous tension before the show, but when the spotlights go on, the music turns up, and the first model walks out, something changes. that’s when the magic starts. if the collection is good, everyone is entranced, holding onto every step the model takes in their look.


i love to watch the reactions of the crowd at this time. you can tell the bloggers from the editors, and the vip guests from the ticket purchasers, solely based on their reactions. it’s fascinating to watch those who aren’t even phased by fashion shows anymore, and those people (like me) that were smiling ear to ear with excitement!

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everyone is tired during fashion week from long hours of work or attending lots of shows, but there’s something that drives you through. it’s the reason you’re there in the first place: the art of fashion.

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although it was a crazy week with 3:30AM wake up calls and endless hours on my feet, i had the time of my life! it was such a surreal experience to live my dreams. this is what keeps me going when school gets hard or life is stressful.

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i love getting to increasingly be a part of this industry; it never fails to inspire me. thanks to fashion, i look at the world differently. life is more exciting, more colorful, more art-oriented… and i wouldn’t have it any other way.

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a huge thank you to IMG, spring studios, and marist fashion for this amazing opportunity!!

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you’re a good one, new york! can’t wait to do it all again in february!

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