styling jackson!

i, jane, have finally collabed with my friend and fellow blogger, jackson of !! we wandered over to urban outfitters for a one-stop shopping experience for men and women’s clothes. our goal was to pick three outfits for each other and review afterwards.

here is how it went…. (afterwards – make sure you check out jackson’s post for the full experience!)


Outfit #1: Formalwear

Ok, so for this first outfit, I knew I wanted to have some contrast between something more flowy and something that had more structure to it. With fall in full swing, and 90s nostalgia still heavily on trend, I knew that something with layering would also be key to making a great formal look. So, I found this simple off-white or beige turtleneck sweater and put it under a flowy, green floral slip dress. To further bring out the fall vibes, I finished the look off with a darker camel overcoat that was reminiscent of workwear inspired pieces. I loved how this look turned out, especially with the contrast between the more structured jacket and long, flowing dress.

72ED2E2A-AF97-41F5-94F5-E044FB4A90C4 2.JPG


in all honestly, i was skeptical when I saw this dress. i tend to stray far from mid-length dresses, and full length dresses in general, as i am constantly in denial that i am only 5’5″ and think these pieces only emphasize my relatively short height. however, this was so not true! i loved this look! the dress fit perfectly – not super tight, not super lose. also, this turtleneck was amazingly thin, which i loved… in fact, i have since purchased it in yellow.


Outfit #2: Go-to Fall Outfit

For me, fall means one thing: jackets. Because of this, putting Jane in a nice, warm jacket was the only option. In keeping with a fall color scheme of browns and oranges, I picked out this burnt orange-brownish dress with a deeper cut and contrasting stitching. I used the same turtleneck from the first outfit for underneath this second dress and topped the whole thing out with a Levi’s denim Sherpa trucker jacket. I liked that this outfit had a mix of texture and could be worn either dressed up or more casual.

C117F21F-68A7-48A8-964D-79151A4C60F3 2.JPG


this outfit was totally love at first sight. i have worn similar outfits in the past and loved the addition of the sherpa jacket for practicality. even though i knew i loved this, i was surprised by how much i liked this perfectly fall themed brown/orange color on me. i will definitely be looking out for this color in future shopping


Outfit #3: Street Style

To be completely honest, this is the one I was most excited to style Jane in. Typically, she wears super high quality basic pieces with some pop in her outfits that feel minimal, but still stand out. So, I wanted to go full force, grungy streetwear for her and when I saw these cobalt blue corduroy pants, I knew this would be the building block of the look. In keeping with the 90s feel, I found a green and black flowy, patterned shirt that I had her wear unbuttoned but tied at the bottom with a beige bandeau. I added a black, western-inspired belt and Jane had on some black and white checkerboard Vans that totally completed this outfit. Seeing Jane in something much edgier than her typical style was amazing and hopefully she gives looks like this one a go in the future!

3FBD491D-716C-4397-BB11-AEB4797E1E06 2.JPG


i was worried when Jackson brought me these pants. again, i usually have trouble finding mom jeans that flatter me, especially in a bold color like these. but jackson proved me wrong again! these were comfortable, flattering, and so fun. he matched them perfectly with the greenish top and belt. the more i wore this look around the dressing room, the more i wanted to buy it all!

“Getting to style Jane was a blast, mainly because the only other times I get to style women is when I go shopping with my mom. I think Jane rocked all three looks, but I personally liked the street style one the best as it’s such a departure from her day-to-day style. It also had a great mix of pattern and texture that made it feel super effortless and exuded cool.” – Jackson 

68D5168B-7C21-4232-9957-9C9B5085DC6F 2.JPG

do not miss out on seeing how i styled jackson over on his blog here!

happy halloween!


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