backstage at jeremy scott – nyfw

hello, everyone! it’s been a while. we have just been so busy with school and work lately, but we’re still here!

i, laura, just wrapped up working for IMG at another amazing new york fashion week! on friday i had the pleasure of working jeremy scott’s amazing spring/summer ’19 show.

_FFS0497.jpgit was a surreal experience, i was especially blown away watching such a talented designer in his element. it was so inspiring – i almost cried!


jeremy based his collection off of hand-drawn newspaper headlines, taking a shot at fake news, clickbait, and society’s obsession with the drama we hear in the news. it was so cool to listen to all of his interviews with the press as i was standing just feet away from him during them. i loved hearing him talk about the making of the collection & all of the craftsmanship involved with it!


Screen Shot 2019-02-12 at 6.35.37 PM.png
jeremy scott & courtney love



fashion week can be crazy, but i love the energy of it all. the models and their nerves, the designers doing last styling touches right before the look graces the runway, everyone (including me) running around to finish their tasks… there’s just something about it i will never get tired of.


i had the pleasure of standing just a few feet away from jeremy during the show. he stood by the exit to the runway, adjusting every model’s look right before they walked out. he gave some words of advice, mainly “have fun” or “walk with energy.” i was taken back at how calm, cool, & collected he was. if i were in his place, i surely would have been a nervous wreck! it was just so cool! i’m forever grateful for these experiences- they make me fall in love with fashion all over again!

here’s some of my favorite looks (photos courtesy of vogue):








thanks for reading! more to come on fashion week very soon 🙂

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