today i, laura, finished my second year of college (half way done – wow!) and tomorrow i turn twenty! the advent of this new and exciting decade has come with much personal reflection. i feel as i have set up my future to be exactly what i want it to be & i am honestly so happy with where my life has brought me. i have the most amazing friends, supportive parents, playful siblings, i am in love with my fashion major & new graphic design minor (seriously, i look forward to going to my classes), and i have developed greatly personally.

a project exploring color theory i worked on this spring!

i came across the quote “if you are not obsessed with your life, change it” the other day. it really made me stop and think – as cliché as it may sound. i genuinely am obsessed with my life. i have found myself in all things visual: feeding my desire to create with 2D projects, a well styled outfit, animations on photoshop, designing garments on illustrator, of course taking pictures, writing, and more. i also have truly come to know myself in a way that i have never before. i have forgiven myself for mistakes, picked myself up when down, thrown myself into healthy relationships and walked away from negative ones.

Screen Shot 2019-05-15 at 10.21.49 AM.png

i have realized that i am so much more than my physical appearance, growing so appreciative of my heart & my mind. i am proud to care about the things i care about and feel so passionate about such a wide variety of things. my friends often make fun of me because i am the queen of zoning out, but i have an impressive ability to keep myself entertained with my thoughts. my brain surprises me every day- from the things i can remember and my passion for learning, to the amazing ideas i come up with. it is probably my favorite thing about myself!

typography from an artist book i created in my digital media class this semester!

turning twenty is weird. i am so conscious of my maturing, every day feeling more and more aware of the time i have lived and how it has affected me. it’s so fascinating for me to realize how far i have come. i know that i would not have been able to work through issues i’ve conquered this year or handled situations the way i handle them currently a few years ago. every day i feel myself changing, but it’s all for the better! i am becoming just the person i was meant to be… and it feels so good! 

Screen Shot 2019-05-15 at 10.22.07 AM.png
a moodboard in my room at home!

on the other hand, i also feel as if there is so much still to learn! though this doesn’t feel daunting anymore! i’m very excited to handle the challenges of my twenties with my newfound composure and creativity!

a fav shot from fashion week

while i am so excited to embark on all the journeys my 20th year of life has to offer, i do feel oddly sad to leave behind my teenage years! though they definitely were not a walk in the park (sorry mom!), i set myself up to lead a life i love. it’s hard to be a teenager! you have to make so many decisions that truly set the course of your life, but you are not always fully comfortable with yourself or sure of what to do. of course, there are things i would have done differently, but i am so proud of the decisions i made that lead me to this amazing place. i feel more physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually healthy than ever before!

Screen Shot 2019-05-15 at 10.21.41 AM.png

anyway, it’s been a while & i just wanted to reflect quickly on what feels like a turning point in my life! i greatly look forward to my summer plans (a cool internship in nyc – stay tuned!) and studying abroad in paris in the fall! i also am looking forward to the small moments, ones that i am not even individually anticipating. life has a fun way of throwing those at me and i love it!

twenty, here i come!

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