rock the garden 2017

i, laura, absolutely loved rock the garden this year. this concert is put on by our favorite radio station (89.3 the current) and the walker art center in the sculpture garden located in downtown minneapolis. check out last year's post on rock the garden here. seeing bon iver live has always been a dream of… Continue reading rock the garden 2017

concert review: mpls jingle ball

on monday afternoon, i, jane, realized that (one) i had nothing to do in the evening and (two) that some of my favorite arstists were playing at kdwb's jingle ball later that night. i bought two tickets an hour before the show and called up a good friend to join me. we went in with… Continue reading concert review: mpls jingle ball

concert review: lacrae

last night (wednesday) i, jane, went to see lacrae on his destination tour at first ave in minneapolis. it was such an inspiring couple of hours full of pure joy and unity after such a long day in america. between each song, he spoke powerful words about so many different topics. lacrae spoke from the… Continue reading concert review: lacrae

broods at first ave

tonight, we both, coincidentally, made plans to see broods at first ave in mpls. we ran into each other at the concert but weren't surprised that we each found our way to this amazing performance. the aussie band was unbelievably talented and entertaining. georgia, the lead singer, was so fun to watch and dance along… Continue reading broods at first ave

børns at first ave

every time i, laura, make it to first ave, it is special. this place will always have such a large place in my heart and in the hearts of many people. last night i was lucky enough to go to the burns concert! wow, i'm still in that post concert high (even with ringing ears, a… Continue reading børns at first ave

rock the garden 2016

i, laura, attended rock the garden  on saturday and had the very best time! what a day.  my favorite artists to watch were definitely hippo campus and chance the rapper.  rock the garden normally takes place at the walker sculpture garden but this year, because of remodels, the concert was held at boom island park.  

the lumineers!!

sorry for not posting yesterday, jane is at a camp and i was super busy- but good news, last night i went to the lumineers concert at roy wilkins auditorium in st. paul! it was so so great. they played great throwbacks like ho hey, classy girls, and flowers in your hair and also some… Continue reading the lumineers!!