the odyssey

jane and i have both been writing for a online newspaper called "the odyssey" and it's been great! every week we share a 500+ word article on whatever topic we feel like! it has been fun to tailor to a different platform and write about more personal experiences. please check our writing out! laura's profile… Continue reading the odyssey

weekend recap

happy monday! wow. what i weekend i, jane, had ! friday: lakeside and loved it. i got to spend the day on the water and finish with a bonfire surrounded by friends and family. saturday: i went to mpls' basilica block party and saw phillip phillips, milky chance, and the fray. they were so amazing live.… Continue reading weekend recap

out with the old, in with the new

welcome, 2016!! every year brings new memories, events, experiences, people, and trends!!! today, we are comparing last year's trends to the ones we think that you'll see this year. that's so 2015:  converse- everyone. everywhere. although they are a classic (and we love them), they've become so basic. walk the moon- ok we'll admit, we will be… Continue reading out with the old, in with the new

pop of color (gold)

we could not be more excited that it is (basically) the holiday season, once again! once we get some snow, it will feel so real.  gold is one of our favorite colors to wear in december because it is so classic and cheery.  we have selected some great gold pieces (above) that we love! (they… Continue reading pop of color (gold)

treat yoself !

...everyone deserves a little treat every once in a while so, spend some money on something to brighten you day! here are our recommendations: spotify premium- start with the free trial, you will never want to go back to the version with ads. spotify premium is great because you can download playlists offline and listen to them… Continue reading treat yoself !

college football gameday

laura spent last weekend in california visiting her sister! college football is starting up and we couldn't be more excited to follow along.  here are some pictures of laura's gameday gear and a what-to-wear to games this season. and here's what is big in trends this year:

“why do you have a blog?”

we've been asked this question by our friends, families, and teachers many times- today we'll explain our answer. why we started blogging: we have always been interested in fashion, actually we bonded over online shopping during class one day and have been friends ever since! from there we shared a love of reading some bigger fashion… Continue reading “why do you have a blog?”

clean the camera roll

today we are introducing to you our newest little segment called clean the camera roll! here we will post some pictures just of our lives lately- no specific reason or event, just for fun! laura:


if you don't know laura, you're missing out. besides being the creative, fashionable, fun blogger that you see, she is also a caring, genuine, absolutely hilarious, adventurous, and thoughtful friend. she is everything anyone would want in a friend, and then so much more. don't ever change laura! happy birthday. xo, jane

pins we love

pinterest is our go to site for all things from style to photography to deco, so today we have collected a handful of our favorite pins for you to feel inspired too. like what you see? follow jane here and laura here for much more! happy pinning !!