today i, laura, finished my second year of college (half way done - wow!) and tomorrow i turn twenty!¬†the advent of this new and exciting decade has come with much personal reflection. i feel as i have set up my future to be exactly what i want it to be & i am honestly so… Continue reading twenty!

new agendas!

happy friday-- we made it!! just came out with new agendas and they are gorgeous! check out this super fun promotional video- isn't just the best?! i got my agenda last year but already bought another one- why not? i love it so much! shop the fun below! happy weekend, friends!

clean the camera roll

in case you missed it, here's what i (laura) have been posting on my vsco lately: more on my vsco and jane's! happy thursday, everyone ūüôā

the odyssey

jane and i have both been writing for a online newspaper called "the odyssey" and it's been great! every week we share a 500+ word article on whatever topic we feel like! it has been fun to tailor to a different platform and write about more personal experiences. please check our writing out! laura's profile… Continue reading the odyssey

charcoal lemonade smoothie

tried charcoal lemonade at truce the other day and am so very obsessed! here's an activated charcoal lemonade smoothie recipe for you to try: 10-15 pieces of¬†baby kale 1¬†apple¬†-¬†chopped 1¬†cucumber 1¬†peeled¬†lemon¬†peeled ¬Ĺ¬†inch¬†peeled¬†ginger ¬Ĺ¬†tsp¬†activated charcoal 1¬†cup¬†water 1¬†cup¬†ice mix in blender and enjoy! have a nice (long!) weekend, everybody.

monday’s music

happy monday, friends! turn these up & tune the stress out... it's going to be a long week. angela// the lumineers i love kanye// kanye west always/never //¬†daniel ellsworth & the great lakes feels (jai wolf remix)//¬†kiiara love is blind//¬†l√•psley drive//¬†oh wonder i wear glasses//¬†mating ritual queens//¬†misterwives good as hell//¬†lizzo night like this//¬†lp call your… Continue reading monday’s music