daily summer posts coming your way & lake harriet!

hi, all! sorry for our lack of posts, we have been busy with graduation and sooo many grad parties! hope everyone is well. we wanted to let you know that we plan on doing daily posts this summer, like last summer, and that we have so much fun coming! we have been busy coordinating with… Continue reading daily summer posts coming your way & lake harriet!

for the new year

it's almost 2016 ! we like to see the new year as a fresh start. these are some things that we will try to make this year different from the rest. switch out the pictures in your frames make all new playlists change your makeup (lipstick color, mascara brand, etc) change up your coffee order find a… Continue reading for the new year

chilly weather jackets

the weather is changing! and that means it's also time to layer up with warm jackets this winter. today, we have some practical, warm, yet stylish winter jackets for you to check out. enjoy and stay warm! adorable color blocking under $35.00 from she in!!  here wool coat from gap here a nice shorter layer from… Continue reading chilly weather jackets

a notable weekend

this weekend, i, jane, got to go to the chicago area. i was invited to join my lacrosse coach and a team of girls she had gathered  from all around minnesota to play in a tournament in naperville, Illinois. from the fourteen hours, round trip, in the backseat, to meeting some really great people, to… Continue reading a notable weekend

summer swimsuits

it's not too late to find the perfect summer suit- here are some finds from around the web in a variety of styles and prices! for more summer fashion, check out our pinterest boards (link at foot of page). enjoy the water and don't forget to wear sunscreen!

laura takes new york

here is a recap of laura's weekend with pictures: then we headed to abc carpet and home. it was love at first sight for me.  wow so many pictures. had an awesome weekend in new york city!

“bloggable” movies

jane and i had a very stressful week at school so this weekend we plan to lay low. here are some movie suggestions, some are our favorites and others are movies you may not have heard of! try them out if you are worn out as well. 1. boyhood 2. the intouchables 3. life is… Continue reading “bloggable” movies