taking fall slowly

i, jane, have made an effort to slow my fast-paced schedule down these past few weeks. life can get busy and crazy and before you know it, you're drowning in sleep deprivation and work that's been put off for too long. i have been especially focussing on getting outside during the pretty fall days and… Continue reading taking fall slowly

linden hills

today we enjoyed a quiet morning at one of minneapolis' cutest spots: linden hills! first we grabbed coffee and pastries at rose street patisserie and got some work done (we've also concluded that senior slides are not a real thing). then we set off to walk through some of the small boutiques around the area, including… Continue reading linden hills

stylish school supplies

happy back to school! here's some of our favorite supplies to make your studying a little less dull. 1. polka dot planner 2. striped file folders 3. colorful notebooks 4. gel pens 5. linen binder 6. pink pencils 7. pencil pouch did we miss your favorite items? speak up!

like that? try this. (session three)

we have some more alternative song options for your weekend jams. if you like "riptide" by vance joy, try "mess is mine" by vance joy. if you like "four five seconds" by rihanna, try "crazy" by daniela andrade. if you like the band fun, try "chocolate" by the 1975. if you want a good song for… Continue reading like that? try this. (session three)