steal the style: suede & mesh

i, laura, have been enjoying adapting my style to be more "new york!" i've noticed that evening wear tends to be may more formal there with skirts and heels being a sort of unspoken rule. obviously, it's super easy to drop money on nice clothes; however, i found some steals around the web that made… Continue reading steal the style: suede & mesh

dorm room decor

i, laura, am on week #2 of college and am loving it! i am constantly amazed by the beauty of the state of new york and already made it to the city (more on this soon!).  my dorm room is such a cozy place to relax after class and unwined after studying. happy tuesday!

stylish school supplies

happy back to school! here's some of our favorite supplies to make your studying a little less dull. 1. polka dot planner 2. striped file folders 3. colorful notebooks 4. gel pens 5. linen binder 6. pink pencils 7. pencil pouch did we miss your favorite items? speak up!

a summer party!

a few weeks ago we threw a (surprise!) goodbye party for our friend kayla who is off to north carolina! here are some pictures of the awesome night.

summer swimsuits

it's not too late to find the perfect summer suit- here are some finds from around the web in a variety of styles and prices! for more summer fashion, check out our pinterest boards (link at foot of page). enjoy the water and don't forget to wear sunscreen!

our spring must haves

today we're sharing a few pieces we can't keep our eye off this spring season. what are you dying to have this spring? let us know!