mid week playlist

happy hump day! we are having quite a busy and sluggish week over here. here's some songs to hopefully get you out of this winter lull: superficial love// ruth b aftergoold// big wild ft. tove styrke don't kill my vibe// sigrid 33 "god"// bon iver out of my head// the griswolds come// jain sooner or… Continue reading mid week playlist

griswolds concert!

last friday night, the two of us went downtown minneapolis to first avenue to see the griswolds with opener, urban cone. we had the absolute time of our lives and the best night. both groups were so energetic, genuinely enjoying performing, and so talented. afterwards they came out to clean up and we got to chat… Continue reading griswolds concert!

our summer playlist

hope your summer is going as well as ours! here's what we have on repeat so far: find this playlist on our spotify account (janeandlaura)- happy listening!

walk the moon & the griswolds

last night (while jane is away) i went to walk the moon with their guests, the griswolds, at a small venue! it was awesome. the griswolds were so funny and appeared to be excited and happy to be in minneapolis. walk the moon had an unbelievable amount of energy and really kept the crowd going.… Continue reading walk the moon & the griswolds