part two: buenos aires, argentina

i am so excited to share photos from my recent trip to argentina! since there's so many pictures, i was there for a week, i am going to break it down by city. for those of you that have never been to argentina, buenos aires is the capital and most modern city in the country.… Continue reading part two: buenos aires, argentina

jane in italy

while laura was in nyc/boston, i (jane) went to italy ! i made it to venice, florence, rome, pompeii, and naples. i loved every second of it from the food to the history to the italian culture. i took lots and lots of pictures in hopes that i will never forget this awesome adventure. venice:… Continue reading jane in italy

summer, we’re coming for you.

for our first summer of blogging, we have fun plans and great posts in store. in june, we will be exploring our local area, going to concerts, taking more pictures, and trying new food. in july, jane is headed to alaska while laura ¬†goes to pittsburg for a mission trip. and in august, we will… Continue reading summer, we’re coming for you.