clean the camera roll

in case you missed it, here's what i (laura) have been posting on my vsco lately: more on my vsco and jane's! happy thursday, everyone 🙂

laura in miami!

both jane and i were lucky enough to get some sun in florida (i was in miami and jane in fort lauderdale) last weekend! here's some of my fav pics from the weekend:  

clean the camera roll

sorry for our distance lately! we are extremely busy with school, applying to college, sports, and trying to stay sane through all of this. here's my (laura) life lately according to my camera roll: follow me on vsco (laurs10) for more! happy hump day, friends.

bye bye summer job

i, laura, absolutely adored my summer job. i spent everyday taking pictures of clothes for an online website and got to learn the ins and outs of an online business. it was everything i could have asked for and more. my last day was last friday and i'll admit it was pretty hard to say… Continue reading bye bye summer job

summer posts from around the web

summer is a great time for many bloggers to share trips, projects, and outdoor parties. here are some of our favorites from around the web! designlovefest's outdoor brunch the londoner's evening in provence barefoot blonde's renovated living room taza's boat ride in italy  evergreen and ivy's hot air balloon adventure and really any of the… Continue reading summer posts from around the web

børns at first ave

every time i, laura, make it to first ave, it is special. this place will always have such a large place in my heart and in the hearts of many people. last night i was lucky enough to go to the burns concert! wow, i'm still in that post concert high (even with ringing ears, a… Continue reading børns at first ave

weekend recap + a recipe

this weekend was filled with a variety of activities and fun. it started with friday's trip to canterbury park in mn for the weekly horse races. although we didn't leave with much extra cash, it was a unique thing to do and witness. saturday, laura got to tour the new us bank stadium ! lastly,… Continue reading weekend recap + a recipe

ted talks

we think ted talks are really awesome!! what a good way to give people the opportunity to educate, inspire, and express. here are some of our favorites: this is what happens when you reply to spam email inside the mind of a master procrastinator the surprising logical minds of babies fashion and creativity do schools… Continue reading ted talks

quick summer note…

"happiness, not in another place but this place...not for another hour, but this hour.” (walt whitman) i (laura) keep thinking to myself that i need to live in the moment more.  it's summer and i am relatively stress free without school.  also, my senior year, one of many lasts, is just around the corner. i'm a… Continue reading quick summer note…

life lately (june)

happy monday! we're ready for a full week of work, friends, and sun. life lately has been very relaxing and wonderful. left: laura's new case (here) that she definitely loves and recommends ! middle: this week, i (j) have been painting a few off white pieces of furniture to match the pearly whites already in my… Continue reading life lately (june)