five fine finds!

i popped into h&m quickly last weekend and was pleasantly surprised with what i saw. ¬†although their clothes are cheaply made and you really have to pick through it, we like to go there for trendy pieces (because, hey it may go out of style as fast as it came in) that don't break the… Continue reading five fine finds!

a mexican fiesta

over the weekend, we had homecoming for our school. for this event, we got to pick a theme for the group we invited; we chose cinco de mayo! this theme made for a fantastic themed party and great night. party city had everyone outfitted in sombreros, beads, mustaches, ponchos, etc. the group was spilt between… Continue reading a mexican fiesta

welcome, white!

last week i (laura) woke up with an idea- let's paint my room white! i had been thinking about changing the blue walls for a few weeks and wanted to get it done before school starts, because everything not related to academics never seems to get done during the year. i really wanted to start… Continue reading welcome, white!

pop of color (red, white, and blue)

hope your summer is going well! with the fourth coming up quickly on the calendar, we looked for some patriotic pieces! here's what we found: flag floaty blue athletic shorts striped sneakers usa soccer tank red sandals ribbon hair ties stars and stripes socks boat friendly dress layered mason jar candle classic red lipstick